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Welcome to my Blog on the The Time Travel Diaries of James Urquhart & Elzabeth Bicester

The humorous and sometimes romantic adventures of James Urquhart, scientist , living in the early 21st century and Elizabeth Bicester, Victorian Cambridge graduate, whom he met at a cricket match at Hamgreen in 1873.

I originally started this blog to keep records of the plots and characters in my books of the Time Travel Diaries. However, I quickly realised it was also a great place to keep things I did yesterday and forgot today .

Therefore, you will find, not only information on the books of the Time Travel Diaries and how I wrote them, but also material on my other hobbies.

For example, my Artwork and Photography, including;

  • Illustrations for my books.
  • Drawings
  • Sunrises and sunsets on the coast of West Sussex.

And my notes on the Origins of King Arthur.

I hope you enjoy what you find.

My books are available in paperback and Kindle at Amazon

Bruce Macfarlane

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