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Professor Rolleston and the Time Travel Diaries

It is recorded that Professor Rolleston discovered the Time Travel Diaries in the attic of Elizabeth Bicester’s house at Hamgreen.

He is a shadowy figure who appears briefly now and then to guide the Time Travellers through their journeys. He seems to be the guardian of the diaries and has an intimate knowledge of the activities of the Martians and their portals which connect Mars to Earth.

Here I have given a note by him on his involvement with the diaries.

Summary of the Examination of the Diaries of James Urquhart and Elizabeth Bicester
By T. W Rolleston.
Weber Institute, Mons Olympus, Mars.
Date 246:2025

Restrictions: Mars only. Weber Institute only.

As is well known to those who subscribe to my media feed, the original diaries were found together in a copper chest in the attic of a Lodge at Hamgreen.

They purport to be an account of the time travels of a James Urquhart, minor science lecturer, living in 2015 and an Elizabeth Bicester, whom he claims he met at a cricket match at Hamgreen in 1873.

After spending some considerable time trying to assemble the diaries into a meaningful chronological order to test their authenticity, I came to the conclusion that the diarists could not only travel in time but existed in alternative time lines!

When I presented the report of my investigation to the Institute it came to the attention of the Martian delegation who provided me with a space-time portal to try and contact the time travellers.

Through trial and error I eventually communicated with them in a certain time line and set up a system which allowed the transmission and recording of their diaries.

The system is rather unstable and the recordings of their adventures appears randomly from different times,

It necessitates considerable work in identifying their correct origins and the order in which they are written.

Also, the reason for their ability to travel in time and across time is still unclear.

It is thought the reconstruction of the Martian portals between Mars and Earth created small eddies or vortices in the space time continuum which percolate unpredictably around our two worlds in which they became entwined.

In particular, Elizabeth Bicester’s house at Hamgreen seems to be a central node in the distortions which in some time lines has portals to the past and future.

The inside of the house is often in a time stasis caught in the year 1895 but exists far into the past and future and may form a nexus between Mars and Earth.

What is strange is that only only Urquhart and Bicester and their sisters seem to be affected by these time distortions.

The time cavern, located beneath the old castle at Midhurst is another important node but seems to have a different function to the house as it allows, with the right skills, movement in both time and space.

There is also the question of H G Wells who befriends them and seems to have abilities to have out of time experiences and see the future. I have gleamed little from the Martians on his abilities but he is well known to them and I have the distinct impression that they often assist him or use him to alter futures or pasts for their own benefit.

Time Travel Diaries