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Photography and Art

Artwork, Digital Photography and Illustrations by Bruce Macfarlane

I have been taking photographs most of my life. You can see examples below and also on Behance, DeviantArt and Pinterest.

Artwork for the Time Travel Diaries

I carry out most of my artwork for the Time Travel Diaries using digital photomanipulation with Paintshop Pro and PicsArt.

time travel diaries art work

Sunrise & Sunset

Like most people I love sunsets and sunrises. In the winter, when the sun rises and sets in the sea, I often walk down to the beach at Aldwick and Bognor Regis, usually in the freezing cold, to photograph them.

sunset and sunrises at aldwick

Aldwick. West Sussex

Mushrooms & Toadstools

I can’t resist taking photos of mushrooms and toadstools. They appear magically in woodlands, gardens and roadsides. Only my wife knows their names.

mushrooms toadstools


I find insects and especially dragonflies facinating. Every year in May dozens of them hatch in our small pond. Often I will spend a couple of hours photographing them emerging from nymphs.

photography, insects and dragonflies

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