‘The Space Between Time’

The Space Between Time, The Time Travel Diaries,Tesla experiment fractured time

In the Space Between Time from the Time Travel Diaries, we find the intrepid couple enjoying a peaceful and romantic picnic by the River Rother.

But just when their thoughts were turning to matters of a more intimate nature, Mr Wells arrives in a motor launch.

Apparently, on 13th March 1895, in the same year Mr Wells published his ‘Time Machine’, Nikola Tesla working on his electrical resonant transformer accidentally caused a massive electromagnetic pulse which shifted time into an alternative parallel world.

The problem was that only a few people noticed the difference.

Mr Wells wondered if James and Elizabeth would like to help.

Suddenly remembering a previous engagement, which required urgent attention, they declined his offer.

Unfortunately, due to a quirk in time, they found themselves stuck in the 1890s.

Normally, this was of no great consequence to our Time Travellers. But, it seems in the 1890s, the good people of Iping frowned upon ladies promenading inT-shirts and short summer skirts on a Sunday afternoon .

And so, they accepted Mr Well’s offer. Though not without considerable comment by Elizabeth regarding men’s attitude to women’s fashion.

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