King Arthur

Notes on Arthurian Literature

Notes on Arthurian Literature

This book which is published on Amazon by Aldwick Publishing contains my notes on Arthurian literature examine the origins of Arthur and the historical events associated with him.

They include a review of the Celtic origins of the Grail stories and the significance of their appearance at the time of the crusades after the fall of Jerusalem in 1009 and recapture by Godfrei de Boullion in 1099 and their re-emergence in Mallory’s Mort D’Arthur after the fall of Constantinople in 1454.

Subjects covered in the book are;

  • The Origins of Arthur.
  • Possible Links to Historical Events.
  • Problems with Dating Events in the 5th and 6th Centuries.
  • Climatic and Astronomical Phenomenon in 5th and 6th Century Britain.
  • The Appearance of the Grail Stories.
  • Historical Characters and Events in the Grail Stories.
  • Celtic and Other Origins of the Grail and the Grail Characters.
  • Malory and the Tales of King Arthur.


  • Genealogical tables from Arthurian texts
  • The Origin of Brutus.
  • Arthur and Tintagel.
  • Arthur and the Alans.
  • Military Orders and Societies.
  • The Roman Towns of Nennius.
  • Notitia Dignitatum.
  • A Table of Climatic & Astronomical Events ( a copy can be found here)

An introduction to my notes can be found on this page and my bibliography of arthurian literature can be found here

Bruce Macfarlane

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