out of time: From The Time Travel Diaries of James Urquhart and Elizabeth Bicester

Out of Time

Out of Time Time Travel Diaries

Out of Time is the first book from the Time Travel Diaries of  James Urquhart and Elizabeth Bicester.

Trying to socially engineer the world’s population is not easy. Especially when you discover that a pair of reluctant time travellers keep on getting in the way of your plan.

The problems all started when James Urquhart, science lecturer, living in 2015, was enjoying a walk in the countryside and met Elizabeth Bicester, a Victorian Cambridge graduate, at a cricket match at Hamgreen in 1873.

Of course, he didn’t know it was 1873. All he knew was that he’d found a rather attractive woman who looked like she’d fallen straight out of a Tissot painting.

Perhaps if he hadn’t left his phone and she hadn’t picked it up, the story might have ended there.

But it didn’t.

If only Time had stayed where it was, it would have been a lot easier for everyone.

Here is the first volume of the time travel diaries of the humorous and sometimes romantic adventures of James Urquhart and Elizabeth Bicester. narrated by Professor Rolleston.

Somehow, despite their banter regarding each other’s manners and background they manage through incredible feats of illogical deduction and with not a little help from James Maxwell, H. G. Wells, the Martians and some strange time devices, to save the world.

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