Experience of Self-Publishing my SciFi e-Books

Last year I wrote and published three SciFi Time Travel ebooks and some short stories.  The main criteria  were- Not spending a penny on publishing or advertising. designing my own covers, not asking for reviews, Oh, and most important getting my wife and daughter to edit them.

The results were as follows;

280 downloads on Kindle, 891 on Smashwords, 100 on iBooks and 89 on Barnes & Noble.

Of these I actually sold 37 for money – after deducting the 4 I bought myself. The rest were free. This worked out as a ‘success’ rate of about 2.5% !

However, I did get three unsolicited good reviews which meant I had to shift about 300 copies per review which I believe is the norm.

I eventually joined Kindle Unlimited to see how I faired with KENP in Nov 2016. This of course meant stopping all the other outlets. By 25 Jan 2017 it recorded 3112 pages read from 3 books but didn’t tell me how many of my books were downloaded  which is a bit annoying.

So after 12 months that’s where I am. Disapointing? No. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing the stories and got CreateSpace to print off copies. So whether I sell anymore or not I don’t mind beacuse I’ve now got some nice paperbacks of my own stories on  my bookshelves to remind me of what I did last year.

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