3 Volumes of the Time Travel Diaries-Free Saturday 22 July


The First three volumes of the Time Travel Diaries of James Urquhart and Elizabeth Bicester are free on Kindle this Saturday 22nd of July

An introduction by;

Professor D. Rollinson,
Dept. of Social & Cultural Engineering,
Weber Institute, Mons Olympus, Mars.

The diaries were found clasped and bound together in a copper chest in the attic of a Lodge at Hamgreen in Sussex. They purport to be the diaries of a James Urquhart and an Elizabeth Bicester written in the year 2015 CE. The one of James Urquhart is written in an undisciplined style using a ball stylus in a thick ruled black notebook, and the other by nib and ink and also ball stylus in an ornate leather-bound tooled diary and written in copperplate.

My transcription of the two diaries into one narrative is designed to test the story’s consistency and to determine whether they were a joint enterprise or both taken independently possibly from another as yet unknown diary. For the sake of brevity and to try to improve the narrative flow I have where possible removed duplication of events, and where meetings between the two persons overlap I have created dialogues based on the texts and attempted to use their own vernacular

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