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Bibliography of Arthurian Literature

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Just updated the bibliography for my book ‘Notes on Arthurian Literature’ which is available at Amazon.

An introduction to my notes can be found here




Bibliography on Arthurian Literature

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Arthurian Literature

This is a post to aid setting up this site’s structure.

I’ve been writing these notes for over 30 years and every time I’m ready to publish I find something new. As this could go on for ever I decided to publish what I have as an ebook on Kindle and if new stuff come up then update it.

This site contains information on my ebook -“Notes on Arthurian literature” which examine the origins of Arthur and the historical events associated with him.

It include a review of the Celtic origins of the Grail stories and the significance of their appearance at the time of the crusades after the fall of Jerusalem in 1009 and recapture by Godfrei de Boullion in 1099 and their re-emergence in Mallory’s Mort D’Arthur after the fall of Constantinople in 1454.