The Time Travel Diaries

The Time Travel Diaries

There are two things you need to know about James Urquhart, science lecturer living in the 21st century and Elizabeth Bicester, Victorian Cambridge graduate.

  • They both keep diaries.
  • Due to a quirk in space-time they met each other at a cricket match at Hamgreen in 1873.

Surprisingly, James, who is just your average confused modern guy, finds Elizabeth is no Victorian prude. She wins him at every turn and returns his quickfire wit with equal gusto.

It therefore takes a while and some considerable discussion regarding each other’s customs and manners before they realise, they are from different times. And only a little longer to fall in love.

Thus, they’d rather be at home snuggled up reading a book or watching telly.

Unfortunately, due to their inquisitive nature about saving the world from social media, they find themselves buffeted about in time and alternative universes.

This is not easy. Trying to make sure you have the right clothes for the period is really important. And don’t mention horse riding to James or why Elizabeth can drive a Martian space ship better than he can.

Then H G Wells keeps appearing to give them advice they didn’t know they needed. And as for the Martians, who can see the future; who knows what their plan is?

Luckily a Professor Rolleston found the diaries clasped together in the attic of Elizabeth’s home at Hamgreen.

After much work, when he wasn’t hunting fairies, he made some sense of them.

But only after he compiled their diaries in the form of narration so that James and Elizabeth could tell their own story.

The Time Travel Diaries are available in paperback and Kindle at Amazon.

You can find out more on how I developed and wrote the stories in my introduction here and also the people and places I used.

Bruce Macfarlane

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Time Travel Diaries